About Tramping


Independent Walking is the low cost “no frills” way of tramping, (as compared to the commercial guided trips available on some tracks). Independent walkers carry all their own equipment, clothing, sleeping bag, food (in time where required we supply the food and cooking equipment but you help us carry it) and assist with the domestic chores. The trips are suitable for people of a wide age group, provided they are healthy and prepared to attain a good standard of tramping fitness. One needs to have access to suitable tramping equipment (we supply a list) and when longer tramps are available your should be able to carry a pack of about 11 kg for three or four days.

Generally we do not recommend that children under 13 years of age participate, though that can depend on the individual.  DoC give free hut accommodation to children under 18 – if you do book teenagers with your family you will be reimbursed their hut fees, but will need to pay the full fee on the web booking page first.  The administrator will contact you or please email her to say you have booked under 18/s.

On Lodge trips you can leave your pack at the lodge and enjoy carrying less weight in your day pack on day trips around the area.

DoC regulations require us to run our trips on a “cost recovery” basis only, but we do hope to receive donations (which are tax rebatable), from participants.

Biking – In the development stages – more information to come

We hope to have a variety of bike trips.  Accommodation will vary from back backer style to motels, with all linen supplied.  Food is supplied, transport, trailers for bikes and luggage and bikes can be hired through the club or bring your own.  You need a reasonable standard of bike fitness and be prepared for gravel tracks. Each trip has four leaders; two drivers who provide transport to struggling bikers if required and prepare food for your lunch stops and two bikers who provide low key assistance.  Bike hire is an additional cost to the trip fee.


To be eligible to participate in the trip(s) that we organise, people need to pay a fee of $60 per adult, $35 school child, or $120 for a family (Families are parent/s and dependent children under 16 years of age). Each tramp will have its own additional fee (if any). You will see this at the time of booking. This fee is to be paid for each person per season.

Why Make a Donation?

As we operate as a charitable organisation and provide non-commercial tramping opportunities on public lands, we are required (by DoC regulation) to run our trips on a “cost recovery” basis only.

We do point out, however, that as we grow all our trips will be organised and lead by a large team of unpaid volunteers who will collectively put in thousands of hours to bring you this opportunity. Your supporting donation of suggested $60, $90 or $120 per person including youth and $150 per family. (Note-Families are parent/s and dependent children under 16 years of age) will ensure this project will continue to prosper.

Hamilton Rotary Charitable Trust is registered with the Charities Commision as a non-profit organisation . At the end of each season, our Constitution requires us to distribute any surplus funds equally between The Otago Youth Adventure Trust Inc. and the Milton Rotary Club (both of which have Charitable Trust status). Any surplus funds each year are, put towards deserving youth and community projects throughout the Waikato.
All donations are receipted separately and are eligible for IRD rebate.

Accommodation and Transport

In time we will offer accommodation before and after some trips. We will also have buses leaving from designated points.

Where you stay is your choice, but of course you must meet up with our party and our chartered bus or vans. The transport will not detour off the main route to our destination. As we average the cost of the transport over everybody, we cannot give discounts to those who only make minimal use of it.
For people leaving from Hamilton car pooling will be available.


The trip fees are refundable if cancellations are made prior to eight weeks before the trip. Cancellations made closer than eight weeks before the trip may be penalised by the amount of costs we cannot recover if we cannot fill the places (e.g. hut fees prepaid, transport arranged, bulk food purchases, etc). membership and donations are non-refundable. (see terms and conditions)

The team from Hamilton Central Rotary