Congratulations to all our 2016 Paul Harris Fellow recipients

During our recent club changeover dinner, we recognized four individuals who have made outstanding personal contributions to Rotary and the Community.

We are so proud to have these members within Hamilton Central Rotary, and look forward to further supporting their future efforts.

For further information on the Paul Harris Fellow recognition and the Sapphire Pin division, please click here. Full photos can be found here.

Melissa Campbell – PHF

Melissa has recently been a  Director of “new Generations” in our club. It used to be called youth.

She enthusiastically ensures that our club supports youth programmes such as the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), the Rotary Youth Programme for Enrichment (RYPEN) and particularly International Youth Exchange (IYE). Melissa has been instrumental in our club supporting both students going overseas and also being hosted by our club for a year. This has taken a lot of time and effort.

In addition she has introduced to our Rotary District the Duke of Edinburgh award opportunity for the IYE students staying here, and championed our annual Head Students day and also the Usborne Dictionaries for Nawton Primary.

At Melissa’s request, her image has been omitted.

Don Kwok – PHF Sapphire Pin

Don has been a very keen Rotarian for 60 years……….a remarkable achievement, by anyone’s standard. Don takes numerous photos throughout the year, plus videos and shares those with members. In addition he quietly presents the President a copy on a disc a record of the photos he has taken during that year, which is a wonderful memory to have. Thank you for your continued support of our club.

PHF sapphire

Lloyd Murcott – PHF Sapphire Pin

Lloyd has been our Treasurer for a good number of years. He rarely misses a meeting and ensures that the club and it’s charitable trust runs smoothly and without fuss. In addition Lloyd has been one of the sergeants for quite some time; a position he enjoys and one that takes some time “to make a good story” for members to be fined for chartiy. You will always see Lloyd at the BBQ tent on golf day and pouring the wine at the chef’s night out. Lloyd is a past president.

Lloyd PHF narrow

Roger FitzGerald – PHF Double Sapphire Pin

Roger joined Rotary in 1992. During that time he has been our President twice, Secretary twice and was awarded a Sapphire Pin by our District for his 3 years service as Assistant Governor for the Hamilton Area. This recognition has acknowledged his continued support to the Club and Roger’s extensive Rotary knowledge and support for the Presidents and Board.

Roger PHF narrow

Congratulations again!