What to Expect

Attending as a Guest

You’ve been invited by a Rotary member to attend one of our meetings as a guest. We can’t wait to meet you.

As our guest, you are not expected to pay any money for the meal, pay any Seargent session fines (what is that?!), or offer any donations.

Below is an example of how our meetings are structured, and what to expect.


If you and your Rotary Ambassador agree you’re a good fit for Rotary, we will ask you to fill in this Application Form for official submission to the board for approval.

Attending as a New Member

If you’re attending a meeting as new member, you should have already received an email from our President confirming your acceptance by our Board, and asking for a quick summary about who you are, what you do with your time, and why you’ve decided to join Rotary International.

On the first Rotary meeting as new member, you will undergo an official ‘induction’. Don’t worry, we don’t have any initiation games. We take your induction very seriously!

Our president will say some words welcoming you, reiterate the purpose of Rotary, our vision, mission, and the importance of your character in helping us uphold our values. Our President will then declare you a Rotary Member, present you with a Rotary Pin (photos will be taken), a member pack, and invite you to address the group.

Welcome to the Rotary International Tribe!

Within the first 2 weeks after induction, you will receive your first membership dues from our treasurer. This is typically around $260/year (for a financial year ending June 31st). The membership due will be prorated, based on when you join (you should only pay for the part of the year you are attending!).

You are more than welcome to explore our committees, to become more involved with the various group activities. See “committees” for further information.

A monthly newsletter will be sent to you, offering details of current and upcoming activities (you can now sign up for these!), notifications, and club reminders.