Leadership Team

Every year, we welcome a new Leadership Team for Hamilton Central Rotary.

When we say ‘new’, we don’t mean re-invent-the-wheel-again ‘new’.

We mean an adjustment to the team – tweaking the club operations and adjusting to the rapidly-changing times.

During elections, the previous President-Elect slots into the President role and a new President-Elect is chosen. That means every year there is succession planning built in. The talent pool in which the team is chosen from are already established and on-going members of our club.

The¬†Directors, who support the President and President-Elect’s vision, might have done their particular job for a few years or maybe this is their first year. Either way, we typically don’t elect people into the Leadership Team unless they’ve been in Rotary long enough to understand the history and are familiar with our underlying purpose. There are exceptions, of course. Sometimes new members are nominated for their unique skill set on the proviso that the remaining Leadership Team mentor that individual very closely.

For the July 2016 – June 2017 year, here are our leadership team members:

Operations Leader
President Don Oliver
President-Elect Don Law
Immediate Past President Rowena Eaves
Secretary Roger FitzGerald
Treasurer Lloyd Murcott
Sergeant Peter Lawson
Programme Rodney Lewis
Club Welfare Murray Day


Center of Excellence Director Deputy-Director
Membership John Gallagher Ken Williamson
Public Image Rachel Kelly Jess Wilson
Fundraising Phillip Curnow
Foundation Patrick Cummings Aaron Rink
New Generations Melissa Campbell Dominic Buckell
Community Service Jerome Pickering Quentin Jay

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