It is official, the 2016 leadership team is now in charge…

…and what does that mean?

The 2016 Leadership Team
The 2016 Leadership Team

As we reflect upon the successes of our previous leadership team, the 2016 team looks ahead to the next 12 months with one word on our minds: ‘others’.

We are thinking about ‘others’ not only externally to our club, but also internally. Addressing our operations and determining whether or not we are truly geared towards the best outcomes for our cohort. Looking at our previous fundraisers and asking whether we are mindful of the joy ‘others’ are getting out of our efforts, while at the same time, giving thoughtfully to our chosen organisations.

Thinking about whether money is the best type of donation to give ‘others’, or if they really need an extra set of hands to make things better.

As we also think about the modern times of engagement – whether our purpose as Rotarians is being effectively communicated to ‘others’ in the new world, while helping those who aren’t digitally savvy to adapt to those changes.

Every day, every breath, every smile. What can you choose to do today, to help ‘others’?