170 Years of Wisdom, Adventure, and Achievement – Member Showcase

Today we had the pleasure of hearing 170 years of intrigue between two of our longest-standing Hamilton Central Rotary members Murray Day and Jim Macdiarmid. This forms part of our Member Showcase.

It is impossible to do their story justice in this short post, but we’d like to list a quick summary of their activities (for posterity sake)!

Murray Day (Happy 85th Birthday today!)

Signatory to the original Southwell School trust deed (1963)
Chairman of the Southwell School trust board for 20 years
Chairman of the Fellow Upper House for 20 years
1st Chairman of the NZ Blood Transfusion Trust
Founding Owner of the company that acquired the first Lythotripter for Waikato
Life member of HOSPICE Waikato (due to his extensive fundraising efforts)
Board member for Waikato Hospital
Represented Auckland University at the University Winter Games for Golf
First golf amateur to be invited on the NZ PGA Board – held the post for 11 years
President for NZ Squash
2nd Chairman (President) of World Squash
Met Prince Philip at the British Squash Jubilee dinner (“oh, hello old Chum! Fancy seeing you here”)
Dined with Pakistan President Bhutto
Met Pakistan President, General Zia-Al Haak (who unfortunately oversaw the execution of President Bhutto)
President of Hamilton Central Rotary Club in 1986/87
Received Paul Harris Fellow recognition in 1995 and Sapphire Star in 2004
Received Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1982 for Services to Sport and Education

I’m sure we missed something off there!

Jim Macdiarmid

<Hamilton Central Rotary> I’m looking over Jim’s chicken scratch Doctor’s handwriting and wondering where to start?

Originally a JAFA (we won’t take offense to that Jim)
Came from a long line of Doctors (Father and Grandfather)
Successfully gained entry into Medical School in London
House surgeon
Successfully achieved Ophthalmology fellowship in the UK
Resident eye specialist at Waikato Hospital (competing with himself at his own private practice!)
Retired at 65, but was asked to return to Ophthalmology advisory at double the pay!

There is FAR more for Jim than I can decipher on his notes. Check back soon and you should see a more complete summary of Jim’s incredible (and extremely humble) life.